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Our Manifesto

BeyondeBiz is an Australian owned, independent, debt free, innovative Software Services Company working with a wide range of industries. Over the past two decades, we have grown with the evolving technologies. We have high benchmarks and enthusiasm for new age technologies. Our committed team of consultants are highly skilled and have advanced levels of expertise. With ever changing technology trends, we thrive on these and have a dedicated passion for leading edge technologies.

We design high quality business software for manufacturing, travel, financial, construction, logistics & distributions, education, hospitality, healthcare and many more industries.

Our Brands
  • Sashware - Digital Business Software

  • Funky Website Designs - Creative Business Web Address

  • BeyondeBiz Cloud - Reliable Affordable Web Hosting

  • CampaignHub - Strategic Digital Marketing

  • LoveStraya - Buy Australian Made

  • OnlineSupermarket - Online Marketplace for Australians

  • BeyondeBiz - Professional Technology Consulting

Our Services
  • Innovative Software Design

  • Manufacturing Process Software

  • Enterprise Software Development

  • Small Business Software

  • Website Design & App Development

  • Web Hosting & Managed Services

  • Online Store & Purchasing Portals

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing

  • IOT & Digital Services

  • Software Product Design & Development

Helping Small Businesses Grow

Business Technology Trends


Online Services

Everything is Going Online


Digital Services

Connecting Customer-to-Business-to-Suppliers


Remote Operations

Technology connecting Distributed Offices


Connecting Devices

Systems that work across the range of devices



Interacting with Humans & Interfacing with Machines


Software Automation

Systems improve productivity

Our Brands

We are in business to support Your business. Over the past decades, we have been creating software to support many types of industries. BeyondeBiz have been developing software to that covers every business function. We have devised systems and solutions to assist businesses run their operations. BeyondeBiz provides everything that may be required for your business to go digital.

BeyondeBiz provides everything that you may need to get digital success for your business.

Some of
Our Stories


We are a small business. We understand your small business. We all got to work together and support each other In these unprecedented times. We are supporting small businesses with low cost software services. Let us know your business technology needs, we ready to help, contact our Sydney office today.

Help for Small Business
Covid Support

Everyone we interact with becomes part of our mateship. We work together with businesses aiming mutual benefit. Profitability is important and we thrive to bring the best to every project, however we make it an enjoyable experience for all during the journey. A project is a success when everyone is happy at the end of it.

How we work?
Love our job

You got our word. We will make it happen. When we commit to it, failure is not an option. We deliver in full every project we take on; on-time-on-budget. We always have the confidence to rock up to the pub and be able to look in the eye knowing that we have done good by you. Work with us and you got a mate for life.

BeyondeBiz core Values
We value our Culture & Ethics

Long term experience matter. New age technology matters. We have a vast amount technical expertise in our team and hunger for ever changing technology. Our people have huge pride in what we have achieved over the years, our internal comradery shines through when thrown a challenge.

Ever changing Technology
Leveraging with extensive experience

There comes a point in career when the buck stops with you. This is it; we can do anything. You have a business operations problem; we can solve it software automation. It is some much easier now to incorporate technology is day to day running of any business. We are a full-service technology company and provide everything.

Can do attitude
We provide everything technology

Our Pricing

Fixed Price

Set cost Project

Quote for Project
  • Extensive Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Signed User Requirements
  • Accurate Functional Specifications
  • Features maybe overlooked in the beginning
  • Inflexible process
  • Cost variations
Fixed Scope
  • Fixed Scope Projects have a extensive analysis period where the overall project scope is analysed, designed and blue print drawn up. Based on this, the project schedule timeline is created, resources estimated, the cost is budgeted, and project approved.
  • Flexibility during the Project build
Fixed Project Schedule & Deadline
  • Set deadline for Project Delivery Date. A clear Project Schedule with milestones laid out to the end goal.
  • A rush to meet the Project completion without compromising quality.
Fixed Price
  • Cost of the Project is known upfront. Budgets and planning can be done for expected ROI.
  • Generally priced higher to cover for unforeseen.

Time & Material

Hours as required

Hours on Project
  • Build as we go
  • Flexiable process
  • No long term commitment
  • Cosntant management
  • No set deadline
  • No clear direction
  • Expensive if off track
Work on project as required
  • Manhours expensed as required. Tasks on Project completed as directed. Flexibility to start stop as required.
  • Constant involvement is required.
Client managed Project Schedule
  • Full Project management is done by client. This would be good if client has fair idea of the details of Software Development process.
  • Day to day tasks management and delivery responsibility of client.
Billed per Hour
  • Great to manage outgoing costs on the Project.
  • Generally charge by hour can be expensive.

Monthly Contract

Fixed Cost
Monthly Billing

Dedicated Software Team
  • Dedicated Project Team
  • Fixed outgoing cost
  • Full control of the requirements
  • Clear weekly scrum delivery
  • Fully managed project teams
  • Collaborate with team
  • Monitoring of scrum delirables
Agile Development
  • Resource and Project Planning, Project roadmap is created and end goal is understood. Sprint & Software Release Planning with regular meetings. Software Review and Revisions.
  • Must adhere to Project short terms goal to achieve the Long term goal.
Quicker Software Releases
  • Combination of iterative and incremental process models to achieve smaller deadlines.
  • Regular booking for releases.
Set cost per Month
  • Set price monthly outgoings so costs are known.
  • Budget to project decided upfront.

Monthly Leasing

Set Price
Monthly Lease

Functioning Software Package
  • Full Software Package
  • No outlay for Development
  • Common Business Operations are built
  • Created with latest innovative technologies
  • Adapted to ever changing requirements
  • Robust Software solution
  • High end server infrustructure.
Regular Software Upgrades
  • Software creation and maintenace is vendor responsibility.
  • Software is always innovating with market trends.
SLA in place for Software
  • Vendor ensures software is up and running for production, as mission critical.
  • SLA agreements to ensure productions requirements.
Fixed price lease per Month
  • Low Monthly subscription.